Tubular foil

AVI manufactures plastic tubular foil and centrefold for many customised applications. AVI knows how important a continuous and carefree packaging process is. For this reason, our management support office is monitoring and improving the quality of our plastic tubular foil products on a daily basis. We combine high-quality machines with expert technicians for a flowing and reliable production process of tubular foil. The rolls of tubular foil can subsequently be processed manually or mechanically. In fact, there is no standard assortment of tubular form as there are so many possibilities as to size, thickness, colour and print.

Tubular foil applications

  • Semi-finished products for further processing
  • Tube as a semi-finished product for packing machines
  • Agriculture and horticulture
  • Drainage
  • Transport protection

More solutions

More info about Tubular foil?

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