Shrink film

Shrink film is a plastic foil/film for shrinking products. When heated, this film shrinks tightly around the product to be packed. Shrink film is used for individual products, but in most cases to keep several products neatly together. Think of trays with bottles or pots.

The shrink film is folded around the material to be packed and is shrunk around the product both manually (using a heat or shrink gun) and automatically, using a shrink tunnel.

Shrink film is often provided with micro perforation. These are small pinholes through which the air in the package can escape during shrinking. As a result, the film will wrap tightly around the product.

Multilayer film (coex film) is increasingly used, mainly to reduce thickness, but maintaining the same properties. This way, the use of film can be reduced. It is also possible to make shrink film from recycled materials.

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