Plastic bags

Plastic bags are available in many types, sizes and thicknesses. Before we take your plastic bag into production, we determine for what it will be used. Will it be an industrial plastic bag, a carrier bag, a bread bag or a furniture cover? Do you want a coloured or transparent plastic bag? Or do you prefer them on a roll with tear-off perforation? The bottom and side seals are tailored to your needs. For a professional full-colour print we also have our own advanced, flexographic printing line. Whatever your wishes, AVI will make the bag you need. The plastic bags are mainly made from LDPE, MDPE, CPP, OPP and LLDPE. The sizes of the bags can be completely adapted to your packaging wishes.

Applications of plastic bags:

  • Foodstuffs (bread, fish, vegetables, manual and automated packaging)
  • Industrial applications
  • Chair, furniture and clothing covers
  • Agricultural and horticultural applications
  • Refuse bags
  • Garbage bags
  • Medicinal product packaging

More info about Plastic bags?

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