Our approach

AVI is a flexible, medium-sized producer of plastic packaging with short lines and swift, reliable delivery times. Apart from that, we pay attention to details, think along with you and focus on your packaging issues. It is our mission to always supply the best packaging possible in small and large volumes for your situation. In the 50+ years that we have been doing this, we developed a step-by-step plan for a successful end product:


1. Inventory

We adapt the packaging to your demand. To this end, we always make an inventory of the current situation. On the basis of your current situation we look what improvements can be made.


2. Analyse

We do a thorough analysis of your current packaging materials.


3. Advise

On the basis to the inventory and research results we make an innovative proposition, keeping the perfect match between your production process and the packaging in mind.


4. Optimise

We test a test roll on your production line. On the basis of the test results, machine settings or packaging can be refined until the result is perfect. Next, we carry out a more extensive test, followed by the endurance test. Only when all this proceeds smoothly, your product is taken into production definitively.


5. Consolidate

After a successful test phase, we aim at a permanent partnership based on service, quality, flexibility and delivery certainty.

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