About us

AVI has made a name for itself as a manufacturer and supplier of plastic packaging material since 1960. We do this by combining modern, flexible and client-oriented packaging solutions with many years of knowledge and experience. We offer our clients (or rather: partners) a total solution for their packaging issues. This starts with a thorough analysis and expert advice, and ends with the prefect packaging and permanent support.

Our values


For us, ‘sustainability’ is not a cool word just to fit in, but a concrete effort for a better environment. We closely follow the developments around ‘green’ packaging options. We also aim at as much reuse as possible. Our plastic is recycled for the most part. Besides, research has enabled us to reduce the amount of raw materials required, while maintaining the strength of the packaging. We will continue to invest in a more sustainable and efficient production process.

Short lines

Thanks to the horizontal organisation structure the lines are short within AVI. Collaboration between the various departments is smooth as a result. From the first contact, you will be dealing with the right person. Thanks to this no-nonsense mentality you immediately know what the options are and clear arrangements can be made swiftly.


AVI thinks along with you. We gladly make an extra effort for this. You can call on us 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. We do not have a large standard assortment, but we do have great freedom to make customised packaging. For last-minute orders we always have space in our production capacity. Production and delivery outside standard working hours are negotiable in emergencies. We can also keep a limited supply for regular clients.


Flexibility entails choices. We will gladly list them for you. With all knowledge and experience we have gained, we can give you good advice on the options for your specific situation.

Corinne Blokdijk

Quality management


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Rob Zuuring

Rob Zuuring

Account manager


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